Opening Update and Construction Updates

Hello folks, with the recent Welsh Govt. update on Friday, we are looking at a re-opening date of August 3rd forward (first booking would be Wednesday August 5th).  If the premises is complete for your safety, this date will hold as well as the Welsh Govt. relaxations holding.

As previously mentioned, all Govt. regulation/rules on social distancing, masks, eye protection and surgical type gloves will be required.

Construction Updates

The challenge:  after a COVID-19 risk assessment, the firing points placing the shooter to the access corridor between the bays within 2meters would force the club to stay shut until the 2meters regulation would be abolished.

While some might imagine that staff and associates are having shooting parties during a pandemic, the crew has been busy re-formatting all firing point bays to conform to the social distancing regulations.

The crew of Peter, Rob, Alex, Dave and Roger (Lawrie as a cheer leader) have been extending the those bays, painting and making safe the new setup - and we thank them all for their hard work for spending many weekends in getting this done so as to be ready for the re-opening category we were shooting for.  Furthermore, we will have to heavily rely on this crew to perform the RSO/RCO roles for our members through the re-opening period.

Photos below show how it is coming along, with the roofing being completed on Saturday 11th of July.

Above:  adding the water-proofing sheet over the extended bays (since the tunnel drips a lot).

Above:  extended forward bays by 2meters, with fresh paint.

Above:  the party table, PPE and construction bits.

Above:  Peter shoring up the water-proofing sheet.

Above:  tight and cramped space to move around.

Above:  PPE Man Rob ready for paint.

Above:  bays shown on the re-framing of the benches.