Blowing up your Ruger Precision Rifle – not good!

Hello dear members,

I was cruising my usual Facebook gun groups and a certain member posted the following pictures insinuating that the manufacturer Ruger had a systemic issue or QC problem and was the result of a fault.  See pictures below:

Side image:

While there are probably 50 relevant questions that come to mind, what type of ammunition was used is probably the most relevant.  Where the user was reserved in providing any details that gave anyone a better idea of how this failure came to be - no context, no ammo details, no other relevant information on prior use immediately before failure.  The user was looking (fishing) for a plausible cause to get Ruger to send him a new rifle.  So this is how the conversation went with Ruger:

At this point, the scaremongering created by the user is trying to hold hostage Ruger for placing in doubt the quality of the rifle and looking for some hush money.  Their response however was on-the-money!

I guess no one expected that the test facility checks for 1.5x the chamber pressure before shipping, and this obviously exceeded that.  With this in mind, the cause could have easily been in the home reloading area.  Wrong powder, double the powder charge, or other reloading mistake could have easily been the cause.  Rifles don’t blow themselves up after continuous use especially, and are test fired from the factory for accuracy as well.

The user seemed fine since he was still able to post those pictures and no evidence of injury was on the firearm or pictures.

For safety, the manufacturer has a major disclaimer in their manual on ammunition being used.  It is up to the firearm owner and user to make sure it is appropriate.  Nothing is stupid proof, especially when things go BANG in your hands, you have to be attentive on what is being chambered.

Given we are in Lockdown #2, I hope your time is spent safely, as we continue to get through this pandemic.  If you are reloading, let this be a small reminder of tight procedures, checks and a good time assured by your quality work.