Muzzle Velocity and Labradar

Dear Members,

A couple of months ago, a member of our club (Dean, yep, calling you out buddy!) brought in a piece of equipment that's used for long-range shooting, getting your reloading to a higher standard, and to know what velocities to enter into your ballistic app.  Dean shoots in Competitions and was kind enough to show "little ol' me" on how my reloading and velocities for my Strelok Pro would pan out - needless to say, there is definitely room for improvement.  But how to improve? keep bugging him to bring that nice orange thingy every other week and test out if I got it working better?  Given that we all try to improve, and Dean was kind enough to show us the way... we should strive to have access to this type of technology for our group.

For those needing to get velocities, this "Labradar" will be available at The Tunnel.  We expect it to be in operation over the next week or so, and will assist members in the various departments of shooting:

  1.  Get your muzzle velocity for different ammunition brands/bullet heads.
  2. Assist with your reloading in tightening up your velocity and consistency in your methodology/measurements for longer range shooting.
  3. Provide you with the data necessary for your ballistic apps for longer range shooting.
  4. Determine your velocity drops as the bullet travels away from the muzzle.
  5. Understanding of your impact energy at various distances for hunters.

There are other statistical data points that this device can provide.  It is exciting to see this type of equipment at the range and be able to attain additional knowledge of our craft.

Here is a video on why a Chronograph matters in your shooting world.


The Main Unit is a panel, and the back of it faces down-range.  It is supported by either a flat plate stand or tripod (Tripod was chosen to have greater control of level and orientation).  It is then stored in a protective sleeve to be handled by staff and members.

Details will be provided next week on how it will be made available to members since some logistics (power, phone apps, lighting @ bench) will require some working out, and how it will be managed (check-in/out and storage) will be put in place to ensure safekeeping and good operability.

here is a video that covers the equipment that might be helpful for some.


Here is a how to use the unit video:

Happy Black Friday to everyone, and see you all at the range.