Holiday Club Closure and Tier 4 Govt Shutdown

Hi Members,

*** Just in on Saturday 19th December 2020: as of midnight, Wales is under full lockdown. All bookings for the 20th will be cancelled. Please seek out Welsh govt updates for restrictions. ***

Just so you know the schedules before booking in:

Holiday Closures: Dec 23rd, Dec 26th and Dec 27th 2020.
Tier 4 Shutdown starts on the Dec 28th 2020, and being reviewed every 3 weeks. *** see accelerated schedule above ***

I guess it’s time to reload, spend some time with your immediate family and toys, and do loads of Zoom/Skype calls. Wishing you a good holiday season, and Happy New year, hopefully 2021 unfolds with hope and prosperity and placing 2020 behind us (as an unfortunate year).

Any questions, send me an email. Thanks Chris.