The Barry Shooting Centre Club has been around for over 20years and operates 3 days a week for its members (Wed/Sat/Sun). If you are new to the sport, or you are a veteran with a Firearms License and you are interested in practicing the sport, this may be the tunnel for you. From a day pass to full membership, you will find that this location will support your needs safely with a group of people that are passionate about the sport. The Club has its own equipment for novice shooters where you can experience different calibre rifles, and grow your competency to be a FAC certified member.

The facts:
- Full Bore up to .50cal certified range. Air Rifle shooters are welcome.
- 25m, 50m, 100m, 150m and 200m target ranges. Straight and horizontal elevation to targets.
- Target Camera at 100m and 200m.
- On-site shop for ammunition, supplies, and equipment.
- Range Rifles available from .17HMR to .308
- Duty RCO on at all times.
- DSC (Deer Stalking Certificate) Courses available.
- Knowledgeable staff on technique, advice on maintenance, and repair.
- Facility upholds all government and local law enforcement rules and regulations.
- You are expected to have your Firearms License (FAC) within a year with Club sponsorship.
- Shooter Certification Cards can be obtained on the premises (100m, 3-shots in 3-inch circle supervised) to be used on MoD Ranges (required) by appointment with the staff.
- Everything you need for a day at the range is at the location.

The Club Secretary will interview interested new members, go over the facility, its rules and regulations all the while considering the applicant's viability of being a good fit within the club and its environment. Following the application, induction training is a requirement before taking your first steps in the use of a firearm in the range.

An important goal for the club is to help members reach a competency level and have members own their Firearms License (FAC).  Staff members will be assisting you to reach this level of competency, help you with your application and the Club Secretary will be sponsoring you for your application after all the requirements and application review is complete.  Applying for your FAC can be as little as 3months and must be within a year of joining the Club.

For the ones that would like to make it part of your regular activities, and would like to join a group of active members, please contact us with the form below to set up an appointment with our Club Secretary.

Yearly Membership fee: £350/yr (Fees will be assessed on a yearly basis), Family/Junior members are £100/yr.

Lapsed standing orders will impose a £50 one time charge, and require to attend the induction training to ensure you are up to date on safety procedures. Determination and review of your standing will be made by the Membership Secretary and Club Secretary based on the circumstance of your lapse.

Disqualification: Not everyone is suitable for this kind of activity. If you believe you won't be qualified for a FAC certificate where a medical background, criminal background, and personal reference will show that you might not be suited for this sport - it will hurt your chances for a FAC certificate and your ability to be a qualified member. To be clear on your expectations - The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply to shooting clubs, any person applying for membership of the Barry Shooting Centre Club will have their background investigated by the Police, Special Branch, and MI5. If you have any sort of criminal record please do NOT apply for membership, it will be rejected (since the FAC will also be rejected as well). Additionally, if you are an international permanent resident, then your background check will extend to the various countries you have lived in.