The Tunnel Re-Opening

Hello to all members of the Barry Shooting Centre.

With the re-opening of The Tunnel as the Government relaxes the lockdown measures, there are several changes that will make the re-opening difficult at the start.  Please make sure you read all the details below before making a booking request.  We appreciate your patience during this transitional time as we get back to the "new normal".

  1.  If you are unwell, have COVID-19 symptoms, fever - STAY HOME and isolate per the government regulations/laws.
  2. Washing/Sanitiser will be available at the entrance of The Tunnel.
  3. The "members lounge" will be closed, as well as the toilets and at times, the Shop.
  4. Members will be lining up outside with social distancing of 2m by the door to stage for their shoot.
  5. Waiting will be within your vehicle.
  6. What to bring:  Your rifle, gear, target stickers, MASK, Surgical-type gloves, eye protection, minor tools (for sighting in a rifle for example) - Maks and Gloves will be available for a nominal fee.
  7. What not to bring:  Multiple rifles, bulky/large items, open food/drink (keep it in the car)
  8. The Shop will have determined opening hours when scheduled with the RFD/Servant availability.
  9. Club rifles can only be accessed when the shop is open (New members to only schedule their shoot during those times).
  10. YOU MUST BOOK YOUR SHOOT using our Booking Request page.
  11. You will get confirmation of your booking after the admin staff review the request.
  12. Bring your ammunition with you.  If you need the shop, please check the shop opening hours.

Shooting Detail procedures:

Arrival:  Ideally you get to the premises 40mins beforehand.  Please park, check that you have all the necessary gear ready per the guidelines above, and check with an RCO/RSO at the door to check you off for your booking appt.  The staging area will be shown to you as each person will have to enter with the conditions of a 2m social distancing at all times.  Your MaskSurgical-type gloves must be worn at all times while within the premises.

Staging:  Minutes before your slot, members must be staged outside of the door, ready to enter with their gear, and get to your assigned bench.

Unpacking:  This will take place at your bench where your rifle, target dots, gear is where all your items will be stored.

Unpacked rifles will be placed on the bench, safety flag shown facing down-range.  Do not touch your rifle while targets are being setup.

Setup/Targets:  The RCO/RSO will tell all shooters to get their targets up.  In an organized fashion, members will proceed to do this.  You will be given a short time to walk down the range and keep your distance, staple your targets (using your own stapler) - return through the "old 200m bench area" to the firing point back to your bench.

Shoot:  Once everyone has returned, and is confirmed ready, the RCO/RSO will instruct to carry on.

Once you are done, place your rifle with your rifle flag in your breech, ready to be inspected.  Raise your hand when you are ready for the RCO/RSO to check your rifle.

Packing up:  After your rifle is cleared, please pack your gear and be ready to exit via the ammunition corridor.